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 It's Father's Day! -Which for us means we are getting personal and sharing a bit about our papas and how they informed this year's Father's Day collection. Our cards are made with some serious heart so here is to sharing a little sliver of ours with you.




Kelly + Rob

My dad, Rob died when I was 7-years old, so my memories of him are hazy. He's been present my entire life through stories that my family is guaranteed to tell at any gathering because he was such a charismatic soul. From what I'm told, I'm a lot like him -- a hard worker, not afraid to ask for help, and down for any excuse to show our bare butts to make people laugh. I'm grateful that I've been able to get to know my dad through all the wild, loving stories about him -- it is said often that he was "a wild and crazzzy guy!"



Kelly + Charlie

Then there is the man who stepped in to help raise me when I was 9-years old, Charlie; or who I like to call Chas, or ChazzieBaby. The first time we met, we walked the length of Sunset Beach in Tacoma during low tide with my Mom and neighborhood friend, Lindsay. I remember feeling so comfortable; I must have known that him and my Mom were serious because I asked him, "do you think you can handle me?" and he still brings that up to this day -- he thought it was hilarious. Charlie was a strict step-father, and although that frustrated my teenage-self, I now look back and see it was out of love. 
We share a love for any beach and swimming in salt water -- it's the only water he'll swim in. He took my Mom and I on sailing adventures all around the Puget Sound and San Juan Islands and even through the Straight of Juan de Fuca once (I threw up from seasickness, ha!). I think I got my sense of adventure from Charlie, and also my love of animals.  
He may put up a tough exterior to many, but I know what a softie he is. Whenever I call, he ends the conversation with "thanks for calling, now say goodbye" and it warms my heart every time




Teresa + Chris

I have always thought my dad was a little bit magic, and rightfully so. I hear my father in every Beatles record, line of Shakespeare and Lord of the Rings reference. He was the best playmate growing up, hilarious and imaginative. He showed me that the world could be as vast and deep as you allowed it to be.

My father does not ask to be the center of attention in his personal life. He works hard and asks for little in return. I didn't understand that his work ethic was above the status quo until I became an adult. The desire to be forever deep in work was normal to me. As a teacher, my father's classroom is his truest home. Wonder where he is in the summer? Counting down the days until they let him back into the building. My first glimpse of what it is to live your passion was the first time I watched my dad teach. I was around six or seven and I spent a school day in the back of my dad's classroom. He set me up with crayons and paper and I settled in, all consumed until the kids filed through the door. This group of tall, loud middle schoolers at once hushed when he started to speak. He turned on and lit up the whole room- and they saw it, the thing I always knew -he is magic.

If you have ever had the pleasure of sitting in his classroom I know you get it- the magic, the thing I can't quite explain. I never get tired of hearing how beloved he is - because that's the rub right? Living what you love. It is never lost on me that I sincerely lucked out in getting to grow up with him. If I turn out half as magic as he is I will be satisfied with my job as a human. Happy Father's Day daddyo, I love you so.